Everyone loves the Olympics. At least I think they do. Some more than others.  Why is that?  Well I have my theory.  You ready?…Listen and be amazed.

We love the Olympics because it is a taste of fighting for a cause.  A taste of being a part of something that’s bigger and grander than ourselves.

We watch these athletes that have prepared and trained and we are amazed by their dedication.  We watch them compete in the name of their country and we want to be a part of it.  We “fight” for them in our own little way as we cheer them on to victory.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that real life were more like that?  That you were fighting for a cause? That you needed to train and prepare and be a part of something larger than yourself?

What is truly incredible is that I actually DO feel the adventure and sacrifice of being a part of a cause. I’ve come to learn that real life CAN be like that.  I don’t feel like this all the time…the monotony of routine, or the temptation towards mediocrity strikes me just as it does everyone.  But I feel the passion of fighting for a cause!

What is that cause?  I think you might already know.  But if you don’t then I suggest you read some of my other blogs.  Or talk to me.  It’s a purpose for living! And the best, most heartfelt, epic, adventure I’ve ever experienced.

So where will you find me next week?  Praise God! I will be borrowing a friend’s TV and watching the Olympics.

And P.S. Gymnastics is my favorite event.