I was so stinking excited when Tim invited me to tour the John C. Stennis last weekend.  You gotta understand, the carriers are such a huge part of the life around here.  And it’s such a different world.  One that I as a civilian have always felt is rather untouchable.  I hear about the boats all the time, my friends live half their lives on them, but yet I never fully ‘get it.’  It will probably always be this way to a certain extent.  For it is most certain that I will never join the Navy and live on one.

But for now, I am one step closer to understanding them.  I was so excited that before we boarded I even called my dad and left a message saying “Hey, guess what I’m about to do…” and was rather please when we were talking later and he was laughing and saying “I’m rather jealous.”

So here’s my photographic evidence.  Hair whipping in my face. It was both Robin and I’s first time.  And at the end of it I say…Thank you my dear friends and all Naval personnel who work and live on our Navy vessels.  It is a hard life you lead, but I thank you for it.

And to Tim…fair winds and following seas!  Image