What is the problem here?  Not sure this is a problem that can be ‘solved’ with a magic bullet answer.  But I know a few of you out there who like to solve things *cough*-especially male gender-*cough* will probably try to give me a ‘solution’

I have this friend….haha! No this isn’t one of those stories… I, Amy, really do have this friend that I love SO deeply.  Our friendship has grown to be a life-line for me.  But over the past couple months I’ve been in this “funk”.  We’ve become a little distant.  No animosity, not a lot has changed…just…not all that it once was.  We still talk everyday. But that intimacy I’ve felt in the past just isn’t there. The all-consuming, heart-on-heart that used to be there is less than striking these days. The embers are there, but they need to be fanned once more to flame. This bums me out.  Because this friendship fills me up inside.  I mentally say “I want that back. I gotta figure out how to get this back.”  But my ‘funk’ is leaving me with little motivation to move beyond this new normal.

So just throwing it out there.  Jesus...I’ve told You this already.  But I’m gonna throw it out there into blog-land so that others can relate, encourage, and pray.  You’re the one I want to regain that intimacy with.  Help me figure out what’s going on inside me, what’s holding me back.  Overwhelm me with a desire to know You.

Give me one pure and holy passion.

Give me one magnificent obsession.  

Give me one glorious ambition for my life.

To know and follow hard after you