Our first round of prom dress shopping was done. As usual, one of the dresses that caught my fancy was upwards of 300$.  Mom was nice enough to promise to buy me my prom dress, buuuut not in THAT price range.  But also, as usual, I was indecisive and had two others that I really liked.  We had spent most of the afternoon going to the various stores around town, we had reached the tired point and I still couldn’t decide. So home we went, without a dress.

At home we started milling about the house and gabbing about the dresses and life. At one point I walked past my mom sitting at the table, she stops me, grabs my hand, and already has tears in her eyes as she starts in.

Amy, I just love you so much.  But, but….I wish I could get you that dress you want.  I’m sorry. I just can’t afford it.  You know, I want you to know…

…If I could give you the world, I would.

Now tears are streaming down both our faces.  I didn’t even care that I couldn’t get that expensive dress!  But she thought I cared…and she wanted to make me happy.  And she was so disappointed that she thought she couldn’t.

This memory is burned in my mind.  The memory of my mothers deep and self-sacrificing love.

Thank you God for such a wonderful mother. I am so blessed.

And Mom….If I could give you the world, I would.