Everyone is rather interested in talking about….shhhh…..sex.  Right?  Okay, yes.  But I am shocked that I have been asked so directly about it while here in Turkey?  In the students (girls) that I have sat down and talked to, complete strangers, I may ask them if they have a boyfriend or I may ask about how Turkish weddings work.  The conversation gets going…and suddenly “Are you a virgin?  Do you believe in this?”  Whoa!  I don’t think that would happen in America, esp. with a stranger.  But hey! for those of you who know me…I’m not shy.  I’ll answer your question.  Yes! I’m a virgin! *footnote* And hey!  Guess what else!  I’ll use this as a perfect opportunity to be really honest and tell you why.

#1 The Logical- My virginity is a big deal.  A treasure.  I’m not willing to give it away and have that intimacy with someone unless he is willing to commit to me forever.  Sounds extreme to some, but I’m just not willing to deal with the heartache that comes from anything less.

#2 Scripture is very clear- Sex is a GREAT thing! (Prov. 5:18-19) God created it!(Gen 2:24) But it has limits…specifically…to be between a man and woman in marriage. (1 Cor 7, 1 Thess 4:3-4).  Everything in life has boundaries and this is a good thing.  Boundaries keep powerful forces within safe limits, making everyone happier.

So I got to share these ideas with these Turkish girls.  I used different words b/c of the language barrier.  But I got to share that…

Because I have a relationship with Jesus, I trust Him when He says that it’s better to have sex only in marriage.  Even though it’s CRAZY HARD to wait….I want to follow what the Bible says.  Because I love Jesus…and because I think what it says makes sense and it is ultimately good for me.

Just never expected virginity to be a key to sharing the Gospel.  How cool!  Thanks God.

*footnote* Virgin in the physical…yes…though tainted. But still…a virgin by the huge grace of God in the face of great temptation.  Virgin in the heart and mind?  Sadly no.  Here I have failed many times.  But these sins Jesus has paid for.  He is gracious. And He is helping me be victorious over these temptations.