Let’s get the important things about Turkey covered.

#1 It is possible to find decent peanut butter.  And yes I’ve already had more than the recommended serving size.

#2 “Coca-cola Light” is an acceptable substitution for Diet Coke although it doesn’t taste exactly the same.

#3 Not really socially acceptable to go on runs through neighborhoods- Bummer

#4 Rolls, pastries, and sweets are the most common forms of available food w/ tea. -not helpful to me.

Now that we have all that covered. 🙂

I promised my Mom I wouldn’t do anything stupid.  Buut…..this wasn’t stupid…just crazy. 🙂 This weekend I got to taste what it was like to be on the TV show “Amazing Race”.  Only minus the part where you have a teammate.  Yes Mother, I went by myself. *nervous grimace as I imagine my Mother’s reaction. I decided the night before to take an overnight bus down to visit the ancient city of Ephesus! (riots against Paul at the city theater Acts 19, Ephesians written to Christians in Ephesus,mentioned in Revelation, etc) That’s right world…be jealous!  I didn’t think I would get to fit this trip in b/c of cost and time constraints…but I found out how cheap it was and that I had a day free….soooo…logic says….no problem!

Theater at Ephesus. Acts 19

Just like in Amazing Race I knew the city I was going to and that was about it.  Had to hope that people spoke English b/c I know a total of 5 words in Turkish.  And just like in Amazing Race I had to figure out how I could get to the places I wanted to go.  I boarded a bus and got there about 7:30 in the morning.  Turks don’t really get moving till at least 9 in the morning so the city was still rather dead. 

I made you guys a lovely little video about what I was doing while waiting for things to get going. But of course I forgot my cord to connect my camera to my computer so I can’t upload any videos…You’ll have to wait till I get home.

Saw the archaeology museum, St. John’s basilica ruins, and had some breakfast.

Library of Celsus at Ephesus

Then…hit the highway. I walked about a mile and a half out to the city ruins and then explored till my hearts content!  Seriously, I know some people aren’t into history, but how can you not love ancient ruins!?  They’re just so awesome!

Took a dolmus (mentioned in last post) back into town and explored the weekend bazaar.  Good thing I didn’t have much money on me or I would have spent it all.  Also it should be noted that I’m really pathetic at haggling down prices…think I got had on a few of my purchases.

So I won’t tell you more details right now.  You’ll have to ask in the comment session if you want them.  Today I met with a great! Turkish girl for lunch.  We talked about all sorts of good stuff including her asking me to explain what I believe about dating and marriage.  More relationship building to come!  Praise the Lord!