When you know nothing, everything is exhausting.

We all rode the bus and dolmus(minibus) for an hour to get to monthly team prayer meeting in the Asian side of the city.

Praise the Lord!!! almost everything was translated into English.  Otherwise I would have fallen asleep.

More buses, honking, start and stopping to a restaurant on the water.

Lovely ferry ride (just like Washington!…k not really, but a little) across the Bosphorus.  Very sleepy.

More buses….VERY sleepy.

Home to nap.

3 hrs later…..


Do I want to try to go find salad dressing?  I know where the store is…  Nope.  Tomorrow morning.

It’s amazing how big of a deal something like a grocery item becomes when you know nothing of the language or customs.

That’s a lie….I think I have “Thank you” down. ” Teşekkürler” Teh-shek-kyu-ler.