Because I’m here now!  Surprise!  Longest flight ever….k Tokyo to DC was pretty hard, but this for whatever reason was way tougher. Maybe I’m just getting old.

I arrived truly exhausted and immediately said “why am I doing this? It’s going to be so hard not knowing ANYTHING! I hate that feeling.”  Then……eventually……I got to the apartment I’m staying at, met my wonderful house mate Julie (Chinese) and took a shower and an hour nap.

After that life seemed a little better.

Julie had planned to meet her Turkish friend Bushara so I tagged along w/ her.  What a beautiful girl!  Studying foreign languages, involved in business clubs, very kind, and very willing to talk about anything it seems.

After THAT is when life seemed magically wonderful and worth all the effort and sleeplessness it took to get here. To discover Turkey, meet people, build relationship, and share Christ.

Drank Turkish tea that looked exactly like this. And in a cafe w/ univ. students studying just like this. 🙂

The Lord has created me in a way that gets sooo charged up by people and relationships.  Thank His Goodness!  Because without that bit of local connection tonight I would have been a crabby pants and that is not the way I wanted to start this trip.