You are a soul. You have a body.”

— I’m told that C.S. Lewis said that.  Though I admit I don’t know where.  But I like it…so of course I’ll gladly attribute it to C.S. Lewis.  What’s your reaction? Two other short quotes that I hope are food for thought.  And I actually do have references… The first quote is very much for myself.  The second makes me think of many I know who seem to believe that new political leadership will solve the world’s problems.

“[God] is not proud…He will have us even though we have shown that we prefer everything else to Him.”

–The Problem of Pain

“He who surrenders himself without reservation to the temporal claims of a nation, or a party, or a class is rendering to Caesar that which, of all things, most emphatically belongs to God: himself…”

–Transposition and Other Addresses