Thank you very much!!!  It was wonderful.  Rather windy, but no rain.  Ana ran with Nate and I as well and that was great. Nate is the most considerate and giving running partner a girl could ask for.  Thanks kid!

The overview:

*The starting line.

* We started out at the front.  The first wave that passed didn’t bother me,  but the second and third made me a little sad.

* Mile 6 feeling a little pukey

* Mile 6.5  feeling much better, even got a second wind.
* Mile 8 seeing the depressingly fast people already on their way back to
the finish line.
* Mile 11….this is getting hard.  I CAN make it.

 * Mile 12 “Come on Amy. We should sprint it.”  Yeah right!

* Mile 12.5 “Come on Amy.  Just to the finish.”  Yeah we should….but I can’t.


* Last 100 yards….sprinting would be an overstatement.  But faster, yes.

I DID IT!   I didn’t stop running!  I’m not dead!  My foot hurt the whole time, but even that was okay.

I’m happy!

Thanks for all your encouragement!  Nate you are my hero. I couldn’t have done it without you. And especially thanks to Sara whose put up with me talking about running incessantly for months.  🙂