A seriously wonderful day.      Lovely and simple fields of tulips today.  Enjoyed with two incredible people.  Then the Donut House *scrum-diddly-umcious*  When we got home Sara and I went tanning.  If you haven’t experienced it, I can’t explain how wonderful it is.
Now Sara and I are laying around the house.  Watched “What a Girl Wants” (Amanda Bynes is just a touch skanky in that movie.  In my personal opinion) Then just changed it to “Aladdin”  Quite possibly my favorite Disney movie.  “The Little Mermaid” is way up there too.  But Aladdin was the only Disney movie I owned growing up, thanks to my brother Matt sending it to me for Christmas one year.  Needless to say…I watched it quite a bit.  I still practically have it memorized.  As Sara and I were watching it I was telling her all the things (mostly vocab words) I learned from the movie.   
From Aladdin I learned
-the word ‘pungent’
-what a ‘suitor’ is
-what ‘fertilizer’ is
-what a ‘diamond in the rough’ is literally and what they meant in the movie
-what a bird ‘molting’ is.
**Fascinating I know.
Sara was of course absolutely amazed by all this and remarked “Wow!  I’m surprised you even had to go to school after watching ‘Aladdin’ so many times.”   —isn’t she just so witty. 

Now Stephen’s coming over and I think we’re going to watch “Balto.”  Supposedly it’s a classic.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.  But I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

Yea rah! for weekends!

I’m so excited about tomorrow.  My mind has been reeling with the wonder and glory of Resurrection Sunday!  I can’t wait to officially celebrate it tomorrow.  Hear my lovely best friend sing.  Then we are going to go eat at Olive Garden.  And see “Repo Men”  I know Easter and ‘Repo Men’  don’t really fit together.  But as neither of us have family in the area we are making special arrangements.  I can’t wait till tomorrow and proclaiming one of my favorite phrases!  Can you guess what it is?