No lie.  This morning as I was jogging around in the foggy crisp air, I looked up, and had this conversation withmyself.

“Ummmm….which way home?”
“Crap!  That street says ‘No Outlet’.  That one just goes in a loop. etc.”
“I know that I need to get that way *stares mentally through the houses towards home*”
“Ooo!  Ooo!  Follow the car! Follow the car!  Wait car!  Slow down!  I can’t run that fast!”
” Okay fine.  Follow the lady walking her dog!  Lady you are no help.  Maybe you’re not even trying to get out. ”
“Just keep going Amy.  Just keep going.  *Echos of Dori’s ‘Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming.’*”
 And FINALLY!!!   I recognized where I was and was headed back home!

So what did I learn this morning?

Daddy I’m sorry to say… were wrong:  All roads do NOT lead to Rome.  In fact some of them don’t lead anywhere at all.